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Los Angeles Commercial Heating and Air Conditioning

Commercial Building Services

MK Heating and Air prides itself on providing all of the necessary heating and air services a commercial or residential building could possibly need. While we may specialize in certain facets of the HVAC industry, there is nothing out of our realm of expertise. More specifically, here are some of our services and what each entails:

High Rise Tenant Improvement

Our high rise improvement service is specialized for high rise buildings. The service aims at modifying, or enhancing HVAC systems for tenants located in such buildings.

Design Build

This is another one of the specialized services we offer. It is designed by our mechanical engineer and is built exactly according to specifications. If you are looking for a custom HVAC system, then you will definitely want us to do a design build.

Duct Modifications

During duct modifications, our skilled team of professionals redesigns the ductwork by modifying, or enhancing the performance of the system. This also helps with how, and to what effectiveness the system delivers air.


Retrofitting your existing HVAC system can be both affordable and effective. The retrofit will consist of essentially modernizing, or expanding, the system(s) with new or modified parts, devices, and/or equipment

Computer/Server Rooms

We also specialize in installing new, or enhancing existing systems in computer/server rooms located in buildings of all kinds.

System Upgrades

Our service professionals will gladly perform a service upgrade on any other service that is initially selected. Whether it duct modifications, or high rise tenant improvement, the upgrades can be based on any of our other services.

New Installation And Replacement

For all new system installs, we will also gladly remove and replace the existing system regardless of how outdated it may be. In doing so, our team will quickly and effectively install your new system without ever getting in the way.

Pneumatic Systems

We also specialize in installing, as well as repairing or enhancing, pneumatic systems in buildings of all kinds.

Preventative Maintenance

Our staff is well-versed in preventative maintenance, and will gladly ensure that your HVAC system always runs smoothly.

Service/Repairs Of All Makes And Models

We also service or repair all makes and models of HVAC systems.

VAV Systems

The Variable Air Volume, or VAV, systems that we install feature a constant air supply temperature, while varying the air flow rate to meet such requirements. Perhaps the most predominant feature of these systems is the ability to conserve energy by lowering fan speeds during periods that demand lower temperature control. Most new commercial buildings feature VAV systems, however, we install and service them in buildings of all kinds.

If you have a specific HVAC job that is not listed above, or would like to hear about our listed services, contact us today for more.